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Ree Soesbee talks about her career with ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2

Eliot Lefebvre

Ree Soesbee has a long and productive career history even without her current duties on Guild Wars 2, but that's probably the part that MMO fans are most interested in. Guild Wars Insider recently conducted a lengthy interview with Soesbee, discussing her early career and her experiences working on Guild Wars 2 as it prepares for launch. And it's a meaty interview, filled with looks at the crevices of lore to be revealed over time.

Soesbee explains that she and Jeff Grubb share a secret wiki project where they collaborate on the sprawling storylines, making sure that both of them know what's going on at any given moment. There are some interesting rumors of naval approaches against dragons, hints of lore to be uncovered deep within the game, and talk of the Sylvari redesign. If you're looking forward to the game, it's well worth reading the full feature, which should provide several bits of information to hopeful fans.

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