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Samsung GT-N8013 'portable tablet' hits the FCC, reveals few details


No big CES product reveal here -- just the usual line art and test reports found in your average FCC filing. In this case, it's one for the Samsung GT-N8013, an as-yet-unannounced device described as a "portable tablet computer" in the FCC documents. As PocketNow reports, however, the very same device also recently received WiFi certification (along with a presumably similar GT-N8000 model), where it was listed as a smartphone (there's also a reference to "phone model" in one of the FCC docs), leading to speculation that it may be a successor or variation to the Galaxy Note (which was the GT-N7000). All we know for sure at the moment, though, is that the device packs Bluetooth connectivity and dual-band a/b/g/n WiFi -- and that it's rectangular.

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