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Breakfast Topic: Which race is the dancing queen?


In a shift from usual form, let's talk dancing! Now, I can't dance for toffee in reality. Really, I'm dreadful. I do my best to avoid it.

But in WoW, I'm forever dancing. I don't know why -- it just seems to be my standard response to situations where I have to wait around somewhere or for something and I've run out of Potions of Illusion. If I have potions of illusion, I'll use one, then get to dancing.

Dancing was also one of the few things that has led me to consider rolling my first-ever male character. I found out while rolling alts for a guildie to turn into Christmas turkeys that male trolls dance like Zanzil of Zul'Gurub fame. I never minded people going AFK at Zanzil -- I could watch his hilarious dancing for hours -- and when I found out the male trolls dance like that, my mind was made up. I just haven't got 'round to it yet.

So tell me, which race are the dancing queens or dancing kings?

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