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How to look like a priest with transmogrification (even if you're actually a mage)

Dawn Moore

In high fantasy, the archetype of the priest is a patient, powerful figure whose strength comes from his vigilance and his faith. This iconic archetype exists in World of Warcraft as well, manifesting in the form of inspiring heroes like Tyrande Whisperwind or Prophet Velen. Want to follow in their footsteps? Well, you'll have to roll a priest ... At least, that's what you had to do prior to patch 4.3. Now, thanks to transmogrification, all cloth wearers can finally "take the cloth."

This week, I'll be showing you how to create the look of a traveling, battle-ready priest. With the draped hood and cloth foot wraps, I want to call on the idea of a medieval monk or friar sent to a far-off land on a divine errand. The set is wearable by all cloth wearers, so even mages and warlocks can get in touch with their holy side. Most of the key pieces come from a recolored version of the Absolution Regalia (priest tier 6), with a few twists to make the outfit look less crisp and uniform.

  • Head Cowl of Benevolence Boss drop (Teron Gorefiend in Black Temple). Since patch 4.3 went live, I see advertisements for Black Temple gear runs frequently advertised in trade chat, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to eventually pick up this helm. If you're really in a hurry, organize your own group, and bring as few clothies as possible.
  • Shoulders Amice of Brilliant Light Boss drop (Shade of Akama in Black Temple). Just like with the Cowl of Benevolence, get yourself into a Black Temple run and cross your fingers.
  • Back No transmogging necessary. Turn your cloak display off.
  • Chest Gossamer Robe Random world drop, obtained through the Auction House or farming (level 45 to 50 rare or elite mobs). Ramstein the Gorger in Stratholme has some of the best drop rates for this robe. You may also opt to use Garments of Temperance, which drop off Gurtogg Bloodboil in Black Temple. Garments of Temperance are a recolor of the Vestments of Absolution (the original tier 6 robe for priests) that matches Cowl of Benevolence and Amice of Brilliant Light. I personally don't like the look of it for a priest because the recolor makes it appear very militaristic. It might be your style, though, so feel free to give it a look.
  • Shirt None.
  • Wrists No transmogging necessary; gloves will hide them.
  • Hands Gloves of Unfailing Faith Boss drop (Essence of Anger in Black Temple). If you have any trouble getting these gloves in a Black Temple run, you should know that a lot of different glove types work here (though the bucket-style ones give this ensemble a rather striking, powerful look). For something more subtle, you could try a pair of gloves that display under the cuffs of your robe instead of on top of them (like Zaetar's Gloves, The Witch Doctor's Wraps, or Heroes' Gloves of Faith).
  • Waist Unyielding Girdle Tailoring belt. The pattern for this belt is a random world drop from The Burning Crusade that requires eight Primal Mooncloth, 16 Primal Earth, and one Primal Nether to make. A veteran tailor from the TBC days will probably have the pattern, so ask around.
  • Legs No transmogging necessary; the robe will hide them.
  • Feet Sanguine Sandals Random world drop, obtained through the Auction House or by mucking about at lvl 20. Despite being a green item, these boots seem to be quite a common drop when leveling. Every blood elf I've ever leveled has sold at least one pair of these to the vendor. If you somehow can't find them through leveling, try farming trash in Blackfathom Deeps.
  • Main-hand weapon Silvermoon War-Mace Random dungeon drop, obtained through the Auction House or farming (level 63 to 71 elite mobs in TBC dungeons). I picked this mace specifically because its silver color palette matches the off-hand perfectly. You can substitute just about anything, however, depending on your tastes. Warlocks and mages (who can't use the mace) will probably want to get a silver-hued, one-handed sword (like Heavy Copper Longsword) as a stand-in so they can sport the "you shall not pass!" Gandalf look.
  • Off-hand weapon Sanguine Star Random world drop, obtained through the Auction House or farming (level 25 to 32 mobs). This may be one of the hardest items for you to find, since there aren't any specific places to farm it from and the stats on it won't necessarily prompt the average player to post it on the Auction House. I recommend keeping an eye out for it and praying to the Holy Light. Once you are able to find it though, this is a universally amazing off-hand weapon for transmogging purposes. It's a staff as an off-hand, people!

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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