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Is Project Fiona a miss for WoW?


At this week's Consumer Electronics Show, Razer unveiled its sexy new tablet/PC hybrid called Project Fiona. The title alone is newsworthy, since Project Fiona's name doesn't really fit in with Razer's usual names like Switchblade, Anansi, Naga, and so on. Much like everything else about Project Fiona, its name is a departure from the norm.

While the Razer website still cautions that Project Fiona is a conceptual device and thus the final product specs may vary, the hybrid will run Windows 8, boast Intel Core i7, and communicate with Bluetooth 3.0. That means the tablet could, theoretically, run WoW just fine, maybe pairing with a wireless keyboard to enable typing and social interaction.

Right now, Project Fiona is expected to work with game delivery systems like Steam and GameFly, but the tablet seems like a natural fit to take WoW with you on the road. The hybrid uses side-mounted controllers for many game actions, and if the tablet is configurable, you should be able to fit most in-game actions on the buttons fairly easily.

Of course, the question is whether Project Fiona makes sense as a WoW gaming system. If the hybrid does come in under $1,000, then it would be a very attractive alternative, mobile platform. The form factor feels a little weird for an MMO, but the 10" screen definitely lends itself to a casual, on-the-go experience. It probably wouldn't replace a full-featured PC as a raiding computer, but Project Fiona is definitely tempting as a second, mobile gaming computer.

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