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Kid Icarus: Uprising stays put with bundled stand [update: coming to all regions]


When I played Kid Icarus: Uprising at E3, I called the circle-pad/stylus-based controls "unwieldy" and "basically only possible if you've put the 3DS on some kind of stand." (I'm going to pretend) Nintendo was listening, as creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed a stand peripheral, to be bundled with the Japanese release of the game. "Touching the screen works better if it's secured," he said (roughly translated).

Nintendo has yet to make an announcement regarding the stand's inclusion with the American or European versions of the game, but given that this stand was designed to solve an identifiable problem, we'd be very surprised if any region left it out.

Update: And we remain unsurprised! Nintendo tells 1UP the stand will be included with all copies of the game, not just in Japan.

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