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Synaptics Clearpad 7300 multitouch display hands-on (Video)


Synaptics is a touchscreen-interface company that has around 30 customers, but since that list includes the top 15 smartphone makers and the top 15 tablet manufacturers, it does okay for itself. The company rented a quiet booth at the back of CES to show off its impressive new ten-finger touchscreen tech. The Clearpad 7300 is a significantly smaller unit: to demonstrate the company pulled apart a HP touchpad and swapped out the 15-chip daughter board with a single chip -- still recognizing ten inputs at a refresh rate of 100Hz. The company also had a Windows 8 demo unit (it's partnered with Redmond) that allows five-finger touch. It'll allow you to depress a software shift key without toggling and play piano with five fingers at once. We also saw a calibration unit just acting on a piece of glass (held mid-air) that could still register ten interactions. The technology will be arriving towards the end of the year and will be an integral part of all the Windows 8 tablet launch. Head on past the break to see us take the unit for a ride.

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Sean Buckley contributed to this report.

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