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Terminator T-1 mod gives us a taste of our future in GTA IV


We often kid about the grim future we all know is humanity's destiny, when the robots rise up and take the planet from us. We never try to think about what it's like to be them; what it's like to be in their chrome feet.

A new mod for GTA IV on the PC from William Peddell brings us closer to understanding our future nemesis, replacing protagonist Niko Bellic with an eerily accurate Terminator. Peddell is quite adept at custom skins, having produced a number of mods celebrating Resident Evil, Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted and many more. His mod profile page showcases hours of hard work.

But in the end we're partial to his "Terminator T-1" mod, since it's such a strong teaching aid -- especially in the video above. When the robots rebel, we'll know that standing directly in front of their guns isn't a viable course to victory.

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