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Adobe drops Creative Suite subscriptions to prepare for Creative Cloud


As of Thursday, Adobe has dropped sales of suite edition subscriptions to prepare for the upcoming Adobe Creative Cloud service. Subscriptions to the individual applications remain available. Those interested in subscribing to a suite edition must purchase the software instead.

Adobe quietly introduced this change to their subscription program days after it relented and said it would offer special upgrade pricing for CS3 and CS4 users who want to upgrade to CS6.

Suite editions started around $65 a month for the standard suites, and the Adobe Creative Cloud service will start at $49.95 a month. The Adobe rep I talked with did not provide an answer if I asked him if it was possible to convert current subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions when that service launches.

There's no launch date for Creative Cloud as of yet other than early 2012, but with Adobe ceasing its suite edition subscriptions, it's safe to say that day is close.

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