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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever caused loot drama?


Every so often, we tackle the subject of loot drama in the Drama Mamas column. Usually, it's a story about how someone else caused the kerfluffle and how to deal with that kind of situation. But recently, someone wrote in after causing quite a bit of loot drama himself. He didn't realize it, and the raid leaders definitely handled the situation poorly by not stating the loot rules at the beginning of the run and informing the player that he could only get one loot drop and allowing him to roll on another. So really, it was drama all around.

Drama often happens when someone wins a roll and hands it over to a significant other, against stated loot rules. Have you ever done that? Is it just a token of affection? Or was there a threat of personal repercussions if the transfer wasn't made?

Have you ever let a PUG or someone of lower rank in the guild roll on an item and then made up a rule on the fly if you don't like the outcome? Have you made a loot decision based solely on how much or little you liked the player? Have you rolled need on something you didn't need specifically to grief your group? Have you ever ninjaed an item and then quit the group?

I find the rationale behind questionable behavior fascinating. Is it nepotism or favoritism? Do you do it out of spite? Is there revenge involved; did someone do something bad in-game to you and you go for the eye for an eye philosophy? Did circumstances outside of the game make you act out by being unfair about loot in game? Are you just a funsucker who enjoys griefing?

I accidentally caused loot drama by rolling need on something I shouldn't have -- way back before you could trade BoPs within the group. While playing a gnome warrior I somehow didn't notice all of the int on the pretty blue ring. I still feel bad about winning that. But I didn't do it on purpose so my motivation was more "Oops!" than "Muhahahaha."

Now we all have had bad loot events happen to us and we've heard the stories. That's not what I'm asking. I want to hear the other side of the story.

If you have done anything shady that is loot-related, what did you do and why did you do it?

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