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EA now has 25 million registered Play4Free accounts worldwide


EA's move into the freemium market appears to be working, with the company boasting yesterday that it now has a total of 25 million registered players across all Play4Free titles. Of course, that number is far less impressive if those people aren't actively playing, but that hasn't stopped EA from patting itself on the back and calling the number a "remarkable achievement." For those keeping score at home, that's 25 million registered players combined in Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World, Battlefield Play4Free, Dragon Age Legends, Battleforge and Lord of Ultima.

Battlefield Heroes and Need for Speed World are the top dogs, each with a registered base of players exceeding ten million.The remaining five million comes from the total players registered in the other four games. "Developing a community of 25 million players is a remarkable achievement. It is a testament to the explosive growth of the free-to-play market and a reflection of EA's commitment to spearheading the digital transformation," said Play4Free VP Sean Decker in the press release.

As a thanks to the community for taking time to at least register for its games, EA is offering some free in-game bux for its two heavy hitters: entering promo code EQ9M-TYYT-TXR3-5GU3 will net players 300 Battlefunds in Battlefield Heroes, while promo code EWPD-3KGA-VBVF-9HYS is good for 750 SpeedBoost in Need for Speed World. Codes expire on January 17, 2012 at 12:00 AM GMT.

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