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Gods & Heroes crucifies subs and slashes box prices


Two business models entered Gods & Heroes' colosseum, but only one walked out alive. The crowds cheered their approval, and for a moment their bloodlust was sated. Subscriptions in the game would be no more.

Today, Heatwave Interactive announced that the subscription model wasn't working out for the underperforming Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising (perhaps it did not sell enough fancy helmets) and as of today subs are a thing of the past. Instead, players can enjoy the game without a fee while the team works on creating a true free-to-play plan.

In addition to making gameplay completely free, Heatwave has cleaved the price of the client in twain, reducing the cost to $9.99 for those who have yet to get it. If you've previously purchased the game, whether you were currently subbed to it or not, your account is now flagged for unlimited free play.

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