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WoW Moviewatch: Exodar Disco


It's been about a year since we last featured the Exodar Disco by Greyfoo. I could be off, though; it's not like it takes a lot of work to get me to play Exodar Disco. Still, we get new folks around here at WoW Moviewatch all the time, and I want to make sure every last person playing WoW is familiar with this song.

If it could ever be said that I have an Alliance bias, blame the Exodar Disco. Moon lights, grooves, and a talking disco ball. What more could you possibly want? I regularly grab a space goat and get my boogie on in the Exodar.

I couldn't tell you what makes this video so brilliant. The song is awesome, the animation is wonderful, and the voice acting is spot-on. But plenty of videos have those things. I think it's something about the raw love and affection for the game, draenei, and disco shown in the performance. It's just all tone-perfect, as if the Exodar were solely created expressly so this video could happen. Enjoy, folks.

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