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Ten One Design premieres Pogo Sketch Plus and Magnus iPad stand at CES


It's always great to see the guys from Ten One Design at various trade shows and conventions we cover here at TUAW and seeing them again at CES was no exception. This time around, in addition to displaying the popular Fling joystick for iPhone and iPad, Ten One had two new products on display.

The first as the Pogo Sketch Plus stylus, which is an updating version of the popular Pogo Sketch featuring an all-new tip. Personally, I'm not a huge stylus fan (I agree with Steve Sande: "If you see a stylus, they blew it"), but I do agree that the Plus is more accurate and a little smoother than the previous version. I don't know that it'll convince you to use a stylus on the iPhone or iPad when you don't already, but if you use another stylus or the standard Pogo Sketch, the new version is worth checking out.

Ten One was also showing off the Magnus, a new iPad stand they're making. iPad stands are so CES 2011, but this one is actually pretty innovative: It includes a strong metal base outfitted with a magnet, so the iPad not only stands in place, but is held there with a magnetic charge (on the same edge that Apple's Smart Cover uses to stay on. The design of the Magnus is really impressive -- the iPad would fall over without that magnet, so the whole thing looks quite magical.

The Pogo Sketch Plus is available for $14.95, and the Magnus is available for $49.95. Of course, it only works with the iPad 2 and its embedded magnet.

Ten One also says the Fling continues to sell well. There are a few other joysticks out there, but Ten One says that no other competitors have borrowed the Fling's patented twisty design yet. They did say that a few "counterfeit" copies have appeared, but not enough to cause issue with Ten One's sales. We asked if there have been any major customer complaints yet, or any big improvements in the product customers have asked for, but they say that customers have been happy overall with the Fling. The only real issue so far? "It's kid-proof, but not dog-proof," says Ten One.

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