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JVC's GY-HMQ10 4K Camcorder hands-on (video)


We felt compelled to get our hands onto JVC's 4K-resolution-shooting camcorder. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) the company wasn't letting us take footage with the kit, but we were allowed plenty of unsupervised time with the device. You'll notice how retro this whole thing looks -- the hefty unit is placed in a housing that wouldn't be out of place with a VHS-C camcorder from the early '90s. There's no mount for additional lenses (the $10,000 Red Scarlet uses interchangeable Canon lenses), which means that you won't have any flexibility if you need to set up a complex shot on the fly. The test unit came with a hot-shoe adapter that included dual XLR inputs and a shotgun mic, but we expect this to be an added extra at retail. The zooming is smooth (we couldn't hear any motor noise) and when we screwed with the manual focus, it was able to snap back to clarity within three seconds. We're a little concerned about who the camera is aimed at: it lacks the flexibility that the Red would offer but it seems a little hefty (it's $5,000) for consumers -- so it looks like it's limited toward roaming broadcast professionals who need their recordings in HD. That said, the ability to decode 4K recordings without additional rendering might come in very handy for those who are prepared to pay a premium for that flexibility. Still, if you fancy watching us take a tour of the hardware and seeing it up close, head on past the break for the video.

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Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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