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Breakfast Topic: Which race has the best racial ability in the game?


The clue, as ever, is in the name! I often read forums and see people asking what the best racial ability is in the game. Now of course, the answer is situational, or we'd all play one race. For PvE and PvP, answers will be different. Depending on your style of play, you might prefer different racials over others.

Furthermore, different classes will benefit more from different racials than others. Tanks might prefer a dwarf's Stoneform, where DPS may favor a troll's Berserking. Would you prefer War Stomp or Every Man for Himself?

Someone who does a lot of work on gathering professions would probably absolutely love a goblin's Pack Hobgoblin, and some races have bonuses to specific professions, like gnomes do with engineering. (It's strange that despite their parallel engineering heritage, the goblin profession specialization is alchemy.)

So which race overall, do you think has the best racial? And as ever, why? And if you don't remember quite who has what, you can check all the racials here:

Alliance Horde
Draenei Blood elf
Dwarf Goblin
Gnome Orc
Human Tauren
Night elf Troll
Worgen Undead


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