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IDG research shows iPad's business dominance


A new study by IDG shows that not only are iPads becoming a powerful tool for business, but that Apple's tablets are increasingly replacing notebook computers in the office. The study, titled "iPad for Business Survey" is a detailed and colorful look at trends surrounding the iPad worldwide.

The 16-page PDF (click here to download) includes some facts about iPad adoption in business that are fascinating. As you might expect, a high percentage of professionals said that they "always" use the iPad for web browsing, reading, and news consumption. A surprising number -- about 16 percent -- say that the iPad has completely replaced their office laptop, with a whopping 54 percent saying that the tablet has partly replaced the laptop.

iPad-toting professionals also say that they're now buying fewer physical books (70 percent), newspapers (72 percent), and DVDs (49 percent). Adoption of the iPad as a newspaper replacement device was highest in Asia (90 percent) and the Middle East (80 percent). Most iPad users are very loyal to the Apple brand, with only 11 percent (Asia) to 22 percent (Europe) saying that they'd consider a different tablet device the next time a purchasing decision is made. South American business professionals were the least loyal, with 39 percent saying they'd try a different brand.

One of the other key points in the study notes that IT and business professionals truly realize the potential of the iPad as a mobile device, with 79 percent responding that they always use their iPad on the road. These numbers are highest in Asia, with 97 percent saying that they always use their iPads while mobile.

The study is a fascinating read and should provide some points for discussion for other manufacturers who are trying to make inroads into the business tablet market.

[via Electronista]

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