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Not So Massively: LoL talks Sejuani, D3 drops cash AH in Korea and more


This week, League of Legends revealed its upcoming tank champion Sejuani, a barbarian from the north who rides a boar and fights with the power of frost. Champion Jax was also completely remastered as part of the Sejuani patch, with his reliance on the dodge skill removed. Rise of Immortals released a champion spotlight on ranged damage-dealer Nyssus, and Firefall released a video of hilarious outtakes from last week's cosplay programme video.

The big news is that Diablo III has finally solved its dispute with the South Korean rating agencies by removing the cash auction house in that country only. Bloodline Champions celebrated its first birthday, and Heroes of Newerth's HoNWars tournament fired up its second season with a $10,000 prize pool. Blacklight Retribution talked tactics in its latest developer diary, highlighting tactical use of the HRV that lets you briefly see enemies through walls. Finally, the latest Wrath of Heroes beta has been extended until tomorrow morning, and End of Nations talked capture points in a new Warfront video devblog.

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This week we've been spoiled with art and gameplay previews on Sejuani, the upcoming champion due for release with League of Legends's next major patch. Sejuani is unusual in that she's the first ever mounted champion, sitting atop her boar. Her passive ability adds a movement slow to every attack, and her other abilities focus on spreading this debuff to multiple champions to deal area-effect damage and disruption.

As part of the ongoing removal of LoL's dodge stat, champion Jax was completely remastered this week. The melee duelist received all new abilities and animations, and to help players adjust, Riot has released an updated champion spotlight video. If you're a fan of Jax, check out the champion spotlight below for information on his new abilities and tips on playing him in a game.

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If you were impressed by the professional quality of last week's Firefall cosplay programme video, you'll definitely catch yourself laughing at Lee Reherman's outtakes, which were released this week. The video opens with the professional actor forgetting what profession he's in and the hilarity snowballs from there. It's great to see that not everyone in the industry takes himself and his work too seriously.

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After last week's tantalising evidence for a possible release date on Diablo III, release on the global market moved a small step forward. Blizzard has been struggling to get Diablo III certified in South Korea, which has such strict laws prohibiting gambling in games that D3's cash auction house gave it cause for concern. As various gear upgrade mechanics provide players with random stats (and items with perfect stats are bound to fetch a hefty price), there are ways to play the game with real cash injections that could be used to gamble for a cash reward. To secure a rating, Blizzard dropped the real money auction house for the Korean version of the game. The rest of the world will, of course, still be able to use the service when the game goes live.

Bashiok also confirmed this week in a forum post that the player limit for Diablo III will remain at four even for players with computers beefy enough to render more characters and effects. PvP arenas will still scale to 3v3 combat, but developers worry that four players on the screen with hundreds of monsters may cause visual chaos. It's a sad day for those of us hoping to get some classic eight-way Diablo action or just to play with more than three friends.

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It's been a whole year since Bloodline Champions first launched, and this week Stunlock Studios celebrated the landmark date with in-game celebrations. Blood coin gain was increased by 50% over the weekend, and players may still be able to log in to collect a free gift from the developers. BLC is the indie development team's first ever game, and it's quite an accomplishment to make it successfully to the one-year mark in the growing MOBA genre.

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Some time ago, we brought you news about the independently organised HoNWars tournament, which tracked player stats throughout games and offered hundreds of prizes. The tournament is back with season II, and this time it has a whopping $10,000 US prize pool. The season started last week on Friday, January 13th, but the date doesn't seem to have been a bad omen for participation. Over 26,500 players have registered, and at any time over 500 have been taking part in the instant tournament action.

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Rise of Immortals released another immortal spotlight on its original cast of characters this week with a look at popular ranged damage-dealer Nyssus. With her bow and devastating magic arrow attacks, Nyssus can take down any foe in one-on-one combat.

Wrath of the Immortals title image
If you've been having fun in the latest Wrath of Heroes beta test and thought it was over all too soon, you're in luck. The latest beta phase has been extended until tomorrow morning, ending on January 17th at 10:00 a.m. EST.

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Upcoming online FPS Blacklight: Retribution reseased its fifth developer video diary this week, this time tackling the issue of battle tactics. The game is designed for a competitive environment, with tactics making much more of a difference than individual player accuracy. Developers talked about good use of the heads up display that lets you essentially see through walls to find out which places are poorly defended. The device has a handicap built in such that it needs to recharge between uses, and the team has found that beta testers tend to flick it on periodically for only a second to get a tactical snapshot of the situation. If that sounds interesting, check out the full developer diary video below.

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In this season's finale of Trion Worlds' End of Nations Warfront video devblog series, developers discussed the game's capture point gameplay. The game will feature three types of capture points: Landing zones, resource points, and victory points. Holding resource points lets you call in reinforcements during a battle, drop tactical structures on the battlefield and use more global abilities. Landing zones let players deploy troops at a distance by air lifting them across terrain. Victory points, as the name suggests, are the ones you need to hold to win the match. This creates an interesting dilemma: Do you focus on victory points for a quick win or capture other points to provide a long-term tactical benefit?

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