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Notion Ink releases ICS Alpha update for Adam tablet, teases new device (video)


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We had mixed feelings about Notion Ink's Adam slate when it debuted last year, but if you're one of the converts who took one home, then it looks like your faith is being rewarded with an ICS update. Okay, it's only an alpha build, so not everything is working just yet -- that'd be the camera, 3G, USB storage and flash drive, oh and the light sensor. If these *cough* minor niggles don't phase you, the "upgrade" -- shown in the video after the break -- is yours for the taking. This isn't all that Notion Ink's been up to though, as it's also quietly teased a new device on its blog which it claims has been built almost entirely in-house this time round. Details are beyond sparse at this time, but with so much ICS tabletry on the cards for 2012, Adam's new partner will definitely need to have been eating from the tree of knowledge.

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