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Plans confirm Swiss Apple Store


Slowly, but surely, Apple's plans to build a retail store in the Swiss city of Basel are beginning to shape up.

As reported by ifoAppleStore, the site for the store was first spotted by Swiss bloggers almost two years ago. The bloggers at have now dug up blueprints confirming that Apple's architect has been busy revising plans to meet with city regulations.

The original design showed a 30-foot tall glass curtain wall that encompassed the ground and mezzanine levels of the two-level store. These plans have been changed, now showing the existing building at Freie Strasse 47 being demolished and replaced with a completely new facility. The facade now covers only the first level, with the upper level using regular windows.

When completed by early 2013, the Basel store would have about 7,500 square feet of retail space and 2,800 square feet for offices and stock room. The two levels of retail are connected in the plans by Apple's trademark glass staircase.

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