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Quarrel brings fighting words to XBLA Jan. 25 for 400 Microsoft Points


Ignition Entertainment and Denki are following up the acclaimed iOS release of the word game Quarrel with the long-awaited XBLA version on January 25, for 400 Microsoft Points ($5), Joystiq can announce exclusively. The XBLA release features the same character art, style, and gameplay as the portable iteration, as you can see in our gallery below.

However, this console version features something very important that the iOS one didn't: online multiplayer for 2-4 players! No longer are you at the mercy of Quarrel's surprisingly punishing AI; instead, you can test your anagrammery against your friends. Those friends will have to be remote, as Quarrel's multiplayer is online-only.

This XBLA release was the original version of Quarrel. Denki was working on it until 2010, when finances forced the developer to cut staff. Ignition stepped in last year and rescued the game by taking on publishing duties.

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