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Apple targets Galaxy S II, other Samsung phones in new German suit


According to a Bloomberg report, Apple filed a new lawsuit in Germany that targets ten of Samsung's Android handsets. This new suit gives Apple a fresh start to argue for its EU design rights, which were recently called into question by Germany's Dusseldorf Court. It also gives the company an opportunity to win an injunction halting the sales of popular handsets like the Galaxy SII and the Galaxy S Plus.

Apple also filed another German lawsuit that cites five Samsung tablet models. This suit supposedly relates to a German lawsuit Apple filed earlier this year against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1. This older suit led to the ban of Galaxy 10.1 tablet sales in the European country and the subsequent development of the Galaxy 10.1N tablet. This redesigned tablet meets the court's criteria and will not be banned from retail shelves.

A Samsung spokesperson confirmed the company received the new phone and tablet lawsuits, but did not comment on them.

[Via AppleInsider]

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