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Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Good and bad homogenization

Adam Holisky

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Blue posts

Takralus -- Leveling
Thanks for the responses,

It's not that I have to be instant 85 ( or something ) it's just that the process of leveling to 85 is incredibly repetitive, lots of traveling and takes long. The thing is you just don't have an alternative to leveling, it's mandatory. You can't go around doing BG's or something, since it just doesn't grant as much xp and you can't do raids etc.
Furthermore, I play this 'MMORPG' not because I like leveling, but because I like PVE and occasionaly raids. I don't chose my games for the journey, but for the reward and in this case the journey is ( in my opinion ) too long for people who do not enjoy it. [ don't leave comments to tell me to not play this game if I don't like leveling, because i'll do it anyways since I enjoy the level 85 material a lot ].

Actually, with heirlooms, rested XP, guild perks etc. you can vary your alt's levelling experience quite a lot. I'm in the process of levelling a new character and I found I could skip many of the zones I used to have to go through and try some of the others that I haven't visited since Cataclysm revamped things, I really enjoyed it! But then, I love levelling ;)

Granted, once you hit Outland there are one or two zones that are tricky to avoid, but you really don't need to stay there very long with all these XP bonuses. Also, with all the dungeon quests located inside the instances now, you can get heaps of XP in one hit through doing each of them just once as you level.

Bashiok -- New Talent Tree System: Stop Homoginizing
There is homogenization that is good for the game, and homogenization that is bad for the game.

Consider Blood Lust/Heroism and Rebirth (battle rez). Those are very powerful abilities and probably mandatory for raiding. If shaman and druids were the only classes that brought them still, then every 10-player raid group would need a shaman and druid to be successful. In a game with 10-player raids and 11 classes, that means someone is excluded. Even worse, if yours is the guild with 2 really good rogues or hunters, you are going to have to make the choice to sit one of those players out in order to be optimal. Even if that hunter is a really nice guy or a good player, he can't come because you need Blood Lust. We don't think that's fun, and we know a lot of players agree. There are several abilities in this mandatory or near-mandatory category: interrupts, raid buffs, dispels and so on. We have no problems spreading those around, or homogenizing the abilities that mean groups can bring the player they want to.

The other category though is making each class feel a bit different when you play them. These are abilities or mechanics that tend to make your class or spec feel unique, but aren't mandatory. There are a lot of these in the game: Chakra, Cauterize, Bladestorm, Demonic Circle, etc. There are of course still going to be healing, survival, damage and movement abilities in the game that are equivalent in their effect as another classes' ability, but they all work a little differently, and hopefully make you feel different when you group with other characters or play different alts. It's important to us to protect those differences in the game.

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