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Tomorrow's Apple event to focus on digital textbook publishing tools, says Bloomberg


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We've already seen some rumors about what Apple has in store for its education-minded announcement in New York City tomorrow, and now Bloomberg is out with a report of its own that backs up some of those earlier rumblings and offers a few new details. Citing two people with knowledge of the announcement, it says that the main focus of the event will be a set of tools that will "make it easier to publish interactive textbooks and other digital educational content." That not only includes tools for the big textbook publishers, but self-publishers as well -- Bloomberg gives the example of teachers preparing materials for that week's lesson, or scientists and historians who could publish professional-looking content without a publishing deal. According to Bloomberg's sources, Apple is expected to use a modified version of the ePub standard for the content, and it's main focus is said to be the K-12 market.

In case you needed a reminder, we'll be there live to report on the announcement as it happens -- the event gets underway tomorrow at 10AM Eastern.

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