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Spice up your boss kills with custom victory music


Looking to tajazzle up your boss kills with a snazzy tune to celebrate your accomplishment? Here's a great trick for raiders who use the raiding addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) that lets you play a song of your choosing when you kill a boss.

Deadly Boss Mods - Victory Sound is a cool little addon that adds to your already existing DBM installation and allows you to select the music you would like to hear when a boss dies. There are plenty of premade victory sounds included with the addon when you download it, but the real magic is copying over your own tracks to play.

Here's how to add in your own song for Victory Sound to play. First, make sure WoW is shut down, or restart the game after you add files to addon folders. WoW needs to be restarted to see new changes to physical file additions. Second, find your installed directory for Victory Sound. Here's a picture of where the direction will most likely be:

Copy any .wav or .mp3 file that you want to be your victory sound, and paste it into the /sounds folder in the Victory Sound directory. Reopen World of Warcraft, open up the Victory Sound addon by typing /dbm and going to the Victory Sound tab, and select your song from the list.

To stop a song from playing mid-song, you'll need to type /script StopMusic(). Personally, I made a macro for when I just don't want to hear the whole song. It happens.

Download Deadly Boss Mods - Victory Sound at [WoWInterface].

This mod requires Deadly Boss Mods, which is a great raid timers and encounters addon. You can find DBM at [Curse].

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