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Resident Evil 6 announced by Capcom, arriving November 20 on 360/PS3 with PC version later


Resident Evil 6
is heading to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20, 2012, with a PC release to follow, says Capcom. In it, returning favorites Leon S. Kennedy (the "S" stands for "Superhair") and Chris Redfield (tree arms from RE5) will play co-leads, each leading his own campaign through the US and China, respectively. The brand new trailer is just above.

Any of this sound familiar? That's probably because the next entry in the Resident Evil series was outed a bit earlier than its publisher expected this afternoon, when images of RE6 marketing were sent to IGN by a Gamestop employee. Subsequently, a flood of details about the unannounced game were unleashed by a couple different outlets regarding its gameplay, dev team, and characters.

Many of said details have been re-confirmed by Capcom in its own press release, though it's lacking in the specificity we reported earlier. The trailer, however, depicts a new martial-artsy character fighting various ... things (and people), some splashes of cover-based shooting, and a presidential zombie. And is that Ashley? Three words: Oh. Em. Gee.

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