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Metal Gear Solid 3DS slithers into view, looks snazzy


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We've gotten our eyes on the limited edition Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3DS once before, but only a shallow glance offered via Hideo Kojima's cell phone. Frankly, we wanted a better look, and now we've got it. Feast your eyes on that snakeskin embossed bad boy above! Hoo-ah!

Unfortunately for us outside Japan, there won't be a lot of opportunity to actually purchase the unit. That kind of goes for the folks in Japan as well, as the only way to even have a chance to purchase the unit is by winning a raffle offered by Konami in February. The bundle will run ¥22,980 ($298) for those lucky enough to grab one, and it'll come with the game itself, the fancy 3DS, a "snake-styled" 3DS, and two ... folders. Like, the kind you use in high school, except they have MGS3 characters on them.

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