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Star Wars: The Old Republic performance fears are overblown, says analyst


While Electronic Arts has seen its stock price dropping since the (somewhat rocky) launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, at least one firm believes investor concerns are "overdone," reports Gamasutra. A new report from Macquarie Securities suggests that the concerns about SWTOR's sales numbers have risen largely from outside "speculation" (you mean like this?), as EA has yet to officially divulge the game's performance so far.

Furthermore, while SWTOR's NPD performance was poor during launch -- it failed to break into December's top ten -- Macquarie's Ben Schacter thinks that the majority of copies were likely sold digitally via EA's Origin service, something the NPD doesn't track. He predicts that the game may have sold as many as 1.5 million copies, which seems reasonable given its initial player base. It's important to note, however, that SWTOR's true success will only be measured by how many players actually maintain their subscriptions -- especially now that players actually can cancel their accounts.

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