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Trion plans RIFT's 2012 attack strategy


With 2011 locked in as a highly profitable year for Trion Worlds, the studio is eager to prove that it didn't pull off a one-trick-pony with RIFT by leaping into 2012 with guns blazing. Scott Hartsman emphasized that the studio's emphasis on having a responsive live team that quickly and decisively acts on player feedback is a key element in what makes RIFT special. "We want to make greater strides for 2012," he said.

Hartsman also opened up about Trion's plans for 2012, starting with the Return to Telara free play weekend that's currently active. The team is preparing to unveil plans about major improvements to the PvP system, including ways to lower PvP wait time, improve the PvP soul system, increase rewards, and perhaps have a form of open-world PvP that isn't limited to factional combat.

Other areas of improvement for the year he mentioned include giving players tools for social gatherings and tweaking the crafting system.

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