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Xbox Marketplace: RE6 features 6-player online co-op, 8-player online multi [update]

Jordan Mallory

The Xbox Marketplace listing for Resident Evil 6 appears to contain some exceedingly juicy and entirely unannounced secrets about Capcom's upcoming thriller. If the listing is to be believed, Leon and Chris' latest adventure will include 2-player couch co-op, 6-player online co-op and 8-player "online multiplayer," which we're assuming will be some sort of group Mercenaries exercise.

What's even more astounding is all of this information is just out there, floating around the Internet. We didn't have to collect masks or unlock a blood-filled casket or find key cards or anything. For now, we're cautiously taking everything we read with a grain of salt, even if it is the Xbox Marketplace. We've also reached out to Capcom for confirmation of these features.

Update: We have received a missive from Capcom: "We'll have further clarification in the coming weeks." Tantalizing!

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