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Mystery Sony-branded Arc appears in Resident Evil trailer, Umbrella Corp. doesn't comment on rumor or speculation (video)


While most rumors of a high-definition Arc were laid to rest with the reveal of the LTE'd Xperia Ion and the sumptuous Xperia S at CES, it hasn't quite stopped smartphone fans poring over the web for a sniff of its possible existence. This time -- get that salt shaker ready -- it's a cameo in the trailer for the latest cash-in release from the Resident Evil franchise. The hardware is certainly that of an Xperia Arc, but it's the first time we've seen a Sony-branded version -- no Ericsson here. Although it's not enough to convince us just yet that we're looking at a super-screened Arc, with Sony rumored to be readying plenty of phones for 2012, it looks like the Arc HD rumor zombie may need another bullet in the head.

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