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Gaikai full-game streaming to start 3 months after launching on Facebook


Gaikai is set to launch full-game streaming services on its network of gaming and entertainment websites, ramping up its current demo-only model, GamesIndustry reports. After launching its cloud service on Facebook, Gaikai will roll out full-game streaming on retailer sites such as YouTube, Best Buy and Walmart, and on publisher sites such as EA and Ubisoft.

Full-game streaming will go live about 90 days after the Facebook service begins, which should be soon, Gaikai head Dave Perry says. Gaikai's main competition is OnLive, but Perry says there is a huge difference between the two companies. "They have to modify the game; they have to get the source code to the game," Perry said. "Gaikai doesn't require modification of the game."

There are no direct plans to put Gaikai on console, but Perry can see the need for cloud services on all platforms: "You do not want to be the console that can't do this," he said. "You do not want to be the retail website that doesn't have playable games on it. You don't want to be the gaming website that you can't buy a game from.

"I don't want to take your console from your cold dead hands, that's not the case at all. You're going to continue to play the way you play, but just imagine that you could have an opinion on all games because you've been able to try all of them."

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