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Rocketboost launches PC and iOS Control App for its wireless devices


Rocketboost, that "breakthrough wireless audio technology" from Best Buy, just got a feature boost in the form of a new Control App. Owners of the company's Rocketfish and Insignia speakers and soundbars should be jumping for joy -- assuming they still have energy after completing all the steps necessary to start beaming wireless tunes. First up on the shopping list is the "Rocketboost Wireless Receiver / Transmitter," which you can pick up from your neighborhood Best Buy for a measly 65 bucks. Once you've got your hands on that hideous black box, you'll have to plug it in via USB to your Windows machine (yup, no Macs) and install another Rocketboost must-have, dubbed "Control Computer Software." Finally, one of the last steps towards your Airplay-like quest is to hit up the iOS App Store (no Android for now) and snatch the Control App, which should be running in sync with the one on your PC. Still here? You can catch the app in action after the break, and check out the source link for the play-by-play to get started.

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