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Angry Birds catapulting to Facebook on Valentine's Day

Jordan Mallory

Mirroring the plans of every bitter, lonely soul the world over, Rovio will be filling Facebook with anger come Valentine's Day. Granted, Rovio's February 14 release of Angry Birds for the social-networking site will be quite a bit different from the vitriolic bile we'll be spewing as a projection of our own debilitating loneliness, but both activities do involve throwing things and impassioned rants about how things didn't go as planned.

In addition to leaderboard support, the Facebook version of Rovio's darling will feature "higher quality animation" to take advantage of the game's full-screen capabilities. It will also include power-ups, which come in familiar bird flavors as well as more divine abilities, such as triggering earthquakes on command. Power-ups can either be earned in-game or purchased for $0.99, but you'll never be able to buy your way back into her heart. Please come back, Susan.

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