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Conquer Online adding new 'hardcore' PvP features


At the beginning of the month, NetDragon's F2P fantasy title Conquer Online received a large new update in the form of the Invasion of Pirates expansion, but the team isn't done yet. The devs are now adding a number of new (surprisingly hardcore) features to the Gale Shallow PvP zone. While players will receive no PK points in this zone, the chance of plundering a fallen enemy's armor will be tripled, meaning that life and death are a matter of great consequence. And finally, to top it off, a number of powerful mobs in the zone will grant players high-level dragon souls should they prove themselves worthy in combat.

For more information on the upcoming update and to get in the game yourself, just click on through the link to Conquer Online's official site.

[Source: NetDragon press release]

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