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Kinect-powered theme park opens in South Korea


While South Korea's cousins to the north are busying themselves with their new glorious leader, the folks in the south's Ilsan districts of Gyeonggi-do are being entranced by American technology. An entire theme park has been created using Microsoft's Kinect tech combined with RFID wristbands that allow attendees to create avatar representations of themselves and move through the park while interacting with its various "attractions."

But what are these attractions, you ask? They're just as bizarre as you might think, with things like "The Ender Mirror" allowing photo-taking powered by smiles, "Live360," which creates a 360-degree video game "with multiple story endings in a huge space," and much more. The park is being touted as "the world's first 4D avatar theme park," which we find hard to argue with. The question then becomes whether the world asked for such a theme park, which we find much, much easier to dispute.

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