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A victory music success story


A few days ago, I wrote a Breakfast Topic asking what you'd choose as your victory music. My post about the fun addon DBM-VictorySound, which allows you to set music that will play during a boss fight and when the boss is defeated, garnered lots of attention and even motivated readers to show off their favorite victory sounds in game. If you'd like to make your own video of your victory music, put it up on YouTube and link it in the comments.
Hey Mat,

I saw your article on DBM Victory Sound and just wanted to thank you for such an awesome addon. I usually just play music when fighting bosses but this addon has given me way to play the sound when I'm fighting bosses.

I even made a vid of one I've made for short fights and victory music:


Defias Brotherhood EU
Thanks for the email, Kanutor, and for bringing me back to a time my mind forgot with music that is hitting all sorts of weird parts of my brain right now. I can't believe I remember this music so well.

Have you found any great WoW vidoes set to some awesome victory music or made your own? We have already discussed what your victory music would be in our Breakfast Topic, so get out there, do it, and show us. Link your favorite victory music in the comments.

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