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Allods Online shows off 2.0.9 improvements with a new trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

Allods Online is gearing up for its Game of Gods expansion, but there are more improvements coming in the lead-up. The 2.0.9 patch is going to be part of the bridge, and it's bringing along a number of cosmetic improvements for players to enjoy. There are new pets, new interior customizations for astral ships, new mounts, and as the header image shows, new hairstyles in varying degrees of ridiculousness (or awesomeness, depending on your personal preference).

Of course, what better way to show off the coming patch improvements than via a small trailer? Embedded just past the cut, the trailer is short but features a bit of cute animation and a peek at what's just around the corner. There's still no exact date on the release of the game's expansion, but considering how quickly the team behind the game is ramping up, we suspect it may well be earlier in February rather than later.

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