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Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon White and Black starting on Feb. 12

Jordan Mallory

It was hard for us to trust Pokémon again after Gold and Silver came out. We had spent years learning every minute detail about the original 151, and suddenly all of that work and devotion was worthless? What's more, it needed repeating with 100 more Pokemon? We may have been young tykes, but we were old enough to feel broken.

Regardless, the Kanto Pokemon still hold a special place in our hearts, and it's endearing to see one of the most awesome monsters in the OG Pokedex coming back into the fold. Starting on February 12, Mewtwo (#150 for you whippersnappers out there) will be distributed to Pokémon White/Black via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service "for a limited time."

Further information about the event is forthcoming, but we do know that the legendary clone comes packing "an exclusive move that Mewtwo cannot normally learn," which we're hoping is an ability that takes us back to the days of the PokeRap and Team Rocket's original voice actors.

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