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Listen to the Engadget Mobile Podcast with special guest CrackBerry Kevin, Friday at 5PM ET!

Brad Molen

A lot of Canada news this week, which is why three of the four podcasters behind the mic today are from the land up north: international man of mystery Sean Cooper, Myriam Joire (yep, she's got some Canadian blood in her) and our special guest Kevin Michaluk -- also known to millions as CrackBerry Kevin. Brad Molen's here too, and while he's admittedly all US of A through and through, he can still say "eh" like the best of 'em. We kid, of course, but we're serious that we want you to join us tomorrow afternoon at 5PM ET!

Note: Oh, and there's plenty of other stuff to talk about as well, so if RIM isn't your schtick, you'll probably still find it of interest. As always, send your questions to us via Twitter (@engadgetmobile) and we'll pick some out to answer.

January 27, 2012 5:00 PM EST

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