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RIFT companion app brings chat, events, and loot to Android


RIFT is stepping up its mobile connectivity game with the newly released RIFT mobile companion app, now for Android. The application contains what you might expect from a companion app, such as friend and guild chat, officer chat, and other guild capabilities, but it also features unique bits like zone event notifications, which can notify you when a zone event begins on your server. Of course, you can also filter which of these battles deserves a notification.

Perhaps most interestingly, you can also earn in-game loot by participating in what appears to be some kind of minigame. This game can reward players with crafting items, planar treasure, and artifacts, which are sent directly to their characters' mail-boxes. For the most part, it looks to be a pretty good tool for people who want to stay connected to the game even when they're not at their computers.

For the full details on the app, just click on through the link below. Meanwhile, if you want to skip the fluff and just grab the app, it's available for free on the iTunes store and now on the Android Market.

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