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Rosh Online update brings the pain via challenging endgame dungeons

Jef Reahard

Free-to-play fantasy MMO Rosh Online is flush with its first major content update. The game's level cap is jumping from 55 to 65, and two new maps (Lupinel Chapel Catacomb and the first two floors of Sentryheil Tower) are now available to adventurers across the lands of Asmara.

The new maps aren't for the faint of heart, as Ignited Games has populated them with "daunting quests and nightmarish boss monsters." Both dungeons are designed for endgame players, with the Catacombs targeted at level 56 and up, and the Tower providing something to do for players at 61 and above.

The game's latest update also adds new enchantment items to help with the increased difficulty of the new content, and Ignited has expanded the item shop with "a host of new gear."

[Source: Ignited Games press release]

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