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Love Box is a low-fi video mixer for iPhone


Creativity is a splendid thing. It lets you come up with never-before-considered ideas, and leads to the creation of products like the Love Box. The Love Box is a videography accessory for the iPhone that lets you mix two videos together in real time.

It's a wooden box with a slot for your iPhone and a sliding mirror. You position the phone's camera in front of the mirror, which lets you record both the action in front of you and the action behind. You can slide the mirror to show just the rear, just the front or something in between. To get a better idea of how it works, you should check out the YouTube video below.

It's a novel concept created by the Honest & Smile agency in Barcelona, Spain. The Love Box is available from Etsy for about US$80. It's a limited edition, and only 100 will be made.

[Via Wired]

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