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Macworld | iWorld's Art of South Park gallery


On the second floor of Moscone West here at Macworld | iWorld 2012 is the Macworld Midway, a series of displays and events that are still Mac-related, but which veer a little out of the standard Apple community. One of those is this Art of South Park gallery, which features art from the very ribald (and hilarious) Comedy Central animated show. Not all of this art was created with Macs, but the show itself is developed and put together on Macs every week, and there's a panel here at Macworld in which artists from the show are talking about how they use Apple's technology.

If you're not here in San Francisco, you can walk through the gallery, and check out all of the art on display, below.

Gallery: The Art of South Park at Macworld 2012 | 21 Photos

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