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NYPD meets FMI: Cop nabs iPhone thief in NYC


Don't walk past police with a stolen iPhone in your boot.

According to the New York Times, a quick-thinking police officer and Apple's Find My iPhone managed to retrieve a woman's stolen iPhone. The woman was in a handbag store in Manhattan when a thief allegedly held her up at gunpoint and took her iPhone.

After searching the immediate area, NYC police officer Robert Garland entered the woman's Apple ID on his own iPhone and used "the iCloud feature" (we're going to assume that means Find My iPhone) to track the phone. Once they had arrived at its apparent location, the suspect walked past with the iPhone beeping in his boot. He was apprehended and the iPhone returned to its rightful owner.

Well done, Officer Garland! For another lost-and-found NYC iPhone story, check out Newsday's LIRR report.

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