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Street Fighter X Tekken's Mega Man has Inafune's blessing


You might be wondering why Capcom decided to go with an outlandish, embarrassing caricature of the Mega Man 1 box art Mega Man as a Street Fighter X Tekken bonus character for PS3 and Vita. According to a tweet from producer Yoshinori Ono, the decision was made with input from Capcom executive emeritus Keiji Inafune.

"I consulted with Mr.Megaman (his name is Mr.I...) about it 1 year ago," Ono said. This iteration was the "result" of that consultation. A previous Mega Man game developed under Inafune's command, the cancelled Mega Man Universe, also featured "Bad Box Art Mega Man." So maybe Inafune just thinks it's really funny.

Now, as for why Mega Man and Pac-Man are Sony-exclusive characters despite not having anything to do with Sony or the PlayStation platforms ... we aren't sure who was consulted on that decision.

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