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Capcom announces Ace Attorney 5, HD iOS versions of 1-3


At a 10th anniversary event for the Ace Attorney series in Tokyo, Capcom officially announced Ace Attorney 5, revealing the above logo. No specifics about the game were offered, including date, platform, or characters -- and there's no character silhouette in the logo to show us who the star is. All we know is that there is one, and we have to start presenting our case for a localization to Capcom.

The event also brought a small amount of news relating to Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney for 3DS: the animated cutscenes are produced by anime studio Bones, and the game is due sometime this year. Famitsu has screens from one of these cutscenes, of Phoenix and Maya on a plane ride.

Finally, new HD versions of the first three Ace Attorneys will be released on iOS. Check this Famitsu article for screens of the newly refreshed sprites.

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