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Japanese hardware sales, January 16 - 22: Forbidden love edition

Jordan Mallory

His back slammed against the metal examination table, its ice-cold surface a stark contrast to the heat between them. The colonial marine's standard-issue helmet began to slip as she pushed him down, her claws lightly scratching his skin in an all-too-familiar fashion. The sensation filled him with lust, and shame, and when his helmet finally hit the floor the resulting clang reverberated throughout the halls of the still-sleeping ship.

"Not here," he whispered, his breath clouding in the humid, recycled air. "They'll catch us for certain, we'll both be killed."

"SCREEEEEEEEEE," she cooed back, extending her ovipositor and whispering into his ear with her second mouth. "Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

3DS: 80,960 [DOWN] 19,708 (19.58%)
PS3: 21,155 [DOWN] 9,117 (30.26%)
PSP: 17,181 [DOWN] 5,357 (23.77%)
Vita: 15,219 [DOWN] 3,142 (17.11%)
Wii: 10,173 [DOWN] 4,006 (28.25%)
Xbox 360: 1,588 [UP] 69 (4.54%)
DSi LL: 1,200 [DOWN] 315 (20.79%)
PS2: 903 [UP] 137 (17.89%)
DSi: 822 [DOWN] 384 (31.84%)

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