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PSN North American Senior Director Susan Panico leaves Sony


Susan Panico is no longer Sony's North American PlayStation Network Senior Director, a title she's held for the past five years -- basically since the launch of PSN in November 2006. Since then, PSN has garnered more than 77 million users worldwide, introduced PlayStation Plus, and now offers original content, TV shows, movies and even games.

Panico oversaw the implementation of all these features, consistently emphasizing the larger entertainment scope of PSN and attempting to expand its audience base with original programming such as PULSE and The Tester.

Panico also ran damage control during 2011's PSN hack, after which Sony gave away free games and a massive amount of apologies.

Sony Computer Entertainment America's Patrick Seybold confirmed Panico's departure, but there is no word yet on a replacement or Panico's own future plans.

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