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Cavanagh's ChatChat teaches the finer points of feline life


ChatChat would be an entirely sensible game if not for the second half of its one-sentence description. We were totally on board through "ChatChat is a game about being a cat," but we threw up our hands in incredulity at "and talking to other cats." We'll be a cat, sure, but a talking cat? Too far, Terry Cavanagh. Too far.

Cavanagh is the (mad)man behind VVVVVV and At a Distance, and ChatChat (we assume pronounced "Chat cat," with the second "h" as a soft "whipped" sound) is one of a few smaller projects he's working on this year. It involves running around various forests, "mush rooms," alleyways and secret areas, and figuring out the ways you can interact with the environment and other cats. Yes, you can talk to the other cats in your room, but you can also meow, purr, screech and turn into a dog to play tag with your cat friends.

You can play ChatChat on Kongregate right now and learn why cats seem to find it so amusing to lurk around abandoned alleyways, kill mice and, as the game's instructions suggest, "be a cat."

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